Ipdr cdr analysis

Fast forward to ! Got burning questions about IPDR? This article answers the top questions on the topic. So IPDR data contains information about every flow inside a CMTS, and consumption usage information about every subscriber device for example a cable modem on your network. IPDR captures information directly reflecting subscriber service consumption. While charging and billing represent the most basic IPDR application, facilitating policy decisions, revenue assurance, fraud prevention, and inter-partner settlement in the BSS business support system layer, it is not the only IPDR application.

IPDR data collection provides network insight into capacity, subscriber usage, proactive network maintenance, and can drive new revenue streams. IPDR data also supports traffic analysis to identify network congestion and plan for network capacity investments, such as expansions and network splits.

Analysis of subscriber usage enable marketing and sales departments to initiate campaigns based on actual subscriber network utilization and consumption patterns to increase revenue, drive customer experience management.

IPDR captures data on a per subscriber device basis.

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DPI scans all traffic on a network and creates statistics based on specific parameters for use cases such as bandwidth monitoring and policy enforcement. DPI is an application-based method sitting between the subscriber and the Internet. For example, DPI can determine in 23Mb of email, emails were sent to the following addresses with the following attachments. Today, SNMP data such as lease information can be cross-referenced with IPDR service consumption data to create a complete view of a network augmenting network planning and congestion prevention.

DPI is a useful tool for policy enforcement; however, IPDR is more efficient and cost-effective for a wide range of network management tasks.

DPI allows the network to discover what applications use the most bandwidth and, depending on set policies, limit bandwidth usage. Service providers generally use DPI to limit peer-to-peer traffic and over-the-top OTT services, such as video streaming provider Netflix. DPI gains intelligence by examining every data packet passing an inspection point, then internal flows are created, traffic policies applied, and the information later gathered through an API. DPI does have some disadvantages.

To improve the network performance of the IPDR data collection activity, a reliable high-throughput TCP stream is used to transfer data records between the record formatter and the collection system.

IPDR information is normalized and compressed before being stored centrally in the mediation system. Privacy concerns are a hot topic as DPI inspects and analyzes every packet in a network, and customer impressions are this is intrusive and akin to spying. In a nutshell, while IPDR can tell you how much bandwidth is being used and where video, voice, email, data, etc.

Conversely, DPI provides details on what websites were visited, and what emails sent to whom. In most western countries, DPI is used for policy enforcement, such as identifying and slowing down peer-to-peer traffic and illegal forms of file sharing. IPDR avoids controversy by simply leveraging the number of bytes that a subscriber sends and receives. This approach is analogous to usage information from phone bills and is not as controversial. Embedded in IPDR information, you can zero-in on the network interfaces and ports where the data is pulled or pushed from.

ipdr cdr analysis

Then by combining this network granularity with SNMP data, an operator can determine an active network map at regular intervals throughout the day — a key input to network planning and congestion prevention.

Simply knowing the top bandwidth users on the network is not enough. A service provider must know where the high-usage subscribers are located and how many access the same port or CMTS at the same time to understand the impact of each subscriber on the network. The greater efficiency means that sample rate can occur every 15 minutes instead of every two hours. The IPDR Collector systems benefit by reducing the costs associated with reliable data collection, scalable growth in number of records, and multiple types of data sets over the same collection platform.

A recommended best practice to ensure the end-to-end privacy and integrity of the IPDR billing records during transit or storage is an authentication and encryption mechanism between the record formatter and the collection system.

DPI comes at a very high price — hardware costs and perceived privacy intrusion, along with limited user-based billing functions. IPDR delivers superior network intelligence supporting network and congestion management, as well as trending analysis to complete informed decisions and enable additional revenue streams. A standardized technology, IPDR deployment straightforward, and requires little additional hardware or investment. Fixed Wireless.Download the latest product versions and hotfixes.

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Monitoring and measuring critical VoIP call quality components is relatively easy if you have the right CDR analysis tools. Quality VoIP calls require an IP network that can deliver voice packets within the minimum requirements around jitter, packet loss, and latency. SolarWinds VNQM gives you the ability to search and filter data found in every call detail or call management record.

VNQM also helps you measure at multiple points to see exactly where call quality drops and instantly eliminate VoIP issues. Powerful VoIP monitoring tools for Cisco devices can help you see the big picture of how a call transits your network. Developed by network and systems engineers who know what it takes to manage today's dynamic IT environments, SolarWinds has a deep connection to the IT community. Toggle navigation. Products Network Management.

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View All Network Management Products. Unify log management and infrastructure performance with SolarWinds Log Analyzer.

View All Systems Management Products. Easy-to-use system and application change monitoring with Server Configuration Monitor. View All Database Management Products. AppOptics SaaS-based infrastructure and application performance monitoring, tracing, and custom metrics for hybrid and cloud-custom applications.

Loggly Fast and powerful hosted aggregation, analytics and visualization of terabytes of machine data across hybrid applications, cloud applications, and infrastructure. Papertrail Real-time live tailing, searching, and troubleshooting for cloud applications and environments.

Pingdom Real user, and synthetic monitoring of web applications from outside the firewall. Web Performance Monitor Web application performance monitoring from inside the firewall. View All Application Management Products. N-Central Automate what you need. Tackle complex networks.Every voice call and IP service in a telecommunications network generates usage records. Data record formats are controlled by standards, but unfortunately standards vary by industry.

ipdr cdr analysis

For example mobile, cable networks and IP SIP-based networks all have different reporting capabilities and requirements. Most service providers analyze CDRs through batch processing, usually once a day, but sometimes as infrequently as weekly or even monthly. Even where certain types of CDRs are processed more frequently, this is at best hourly. The reason is in part the performance restrictions of the underlying legacy platforms, but also a belief that real-time, sub-second CDR analysis is too costly.

CDR Analysis Software

This may have been true with traditional RDBMS-based, big data processing frameworks, but a streaming analytics platform can now enable millions of CDRs per second to be collected and processed in parallel, through complex event processing. Real time analytics for CDR applications offer the lowest total cost of performance of any approach — less hardware, lower software costs, with prebuilt integrations and analytics libraries, significant lower implementation and maintenance costs.

Call fraud that remains undetected can get passed through to customer bills and have a detrimental impact on customer experience. Even in most cases where fraud is detected, detection tends to be the following day or even after the weekend, resulting in direct revenue loss and additional OPEX expenditure to correct. Streaming analytics enables the immediate, real-time detection of suspect call activity based on data streams such as switch logins, IP spoofing events, unusual call destinations and unusual call usage patterns.

Rating is the process of determining the charge for each call or service session. The process involves CDR collection, removal of duplicates, session reconstruction, caller ID or IP verification, cost calculation based on the rate plan, application of discounts and finally storing the records in a CDR warehousing. Although rating is a core function of any billing operation, most rating engines still operate in batch mode due to scalability, data integration and rapidly changing business requirements.

Streaming CDR processing and analytics can deliver real-time rating at scale, while persisting aggregated rating information continuously through to the core billing platforms. Access to real-time billing information has a significant positive impact on customer experience.

Streaming analytics for real-time rating, performance monitoring and policy control can be used to deliver real-time visibility of service performance, costs and discounts to the customer.

A routing system provides the network path for a call or session based on quality requirements, discounting models and operator profitability. For example, the selection of the lowest cost interconnect partner for roaming calls in a wireless network, or for SIP-based SBC Session Border Controller networks, the selection of the lowest cost IP network path given the desired quality.

Most performance monitoring tools aggregate data by 15 minute intervals, usually aggregated by port or even by network device. However, most IP-based services are bursty by nature, where problems may last for a few seconds, but be sufficient to force a quality issue or dropped call.

Streaming analytics can provide real-time monitoring of both network performance and CDR data in order to identify issues in real-time. Streaming intelligence can be also be integrated with the LCR database, policy server or bandwidth managers in order to drive dynamic updates. Service providers calculate metrics such as gross margin based on comparing the cost to the customer versus the cost of service delivery for that customer. However, margin analysis is normally an offline activity based on long-term trend data.

With streaming analytics, the profitability of a service offering, a customer type, or even an individual customer can be visualized in real-time. This enables real-time decisions to improve profitability, for example, through dynamic updates of the least-cost routing algorithms.

ipdr cdr analysis

The Policy Manager or Server is responsible for a the selection of quality and routes and b actions to be taken often by customer type against SLAs. For example when a call drops or has quality issues, or bandwidth limits are reached during the session, dynamic updates based on streaming analytics can drive corrective action to bring the service back within its SLA.

Other policy-driven actions include the proactive notification of the consumer, or the application of discounts applied during or after the session.

Much of the cost of CDR processing is the conversion of many different CDR formats and structure to a common format that can be used for further analysis. Streaming ingestion addresses this as part of the core stream processing pipeline, transforming all CDRs to a standard format in real time, and delivering this as a continuous, real-time Load to existing CDR warehousing platforms.

Real-time fraud prevention Call fraud that remains undetected can get passed through to customer bills and have a detrimental impact on customer experience. Real-time call rating Rating is the process of determining the charge for each call or service session.

Customer Reporting Access to real-time billing information has a significant positive impact on customer experience.Quickly processes billions of records within seconds, Enables Investigating Officers get the desired result set in small amount of time. Dashboard: Allows user to get a Birds Eye View of an imported case and ascertain existence and mining of valuable information and to take an informed decision for further pursuance of an Investigation undertaken.

It shells out valuable information like locations, associates, common numbers, recee, pursuit of victim, group formations, suspicious behavior, use of burner mobiles, roamer calls etc. Ascertain the internet connectivity and draw inferences to assist in the investigation. It shells out the information like which websites and social media is used by the target number.

Analysis yields results where International Cartel is suspected during investigation. Trace internationally connected suspected individuals and their hidden network groups. C5 CDR Analyzer is loaded with advance visual analytic capabilities to identify, core network, groups within the larger data and also user can put customized queries and get the results. Data can be visualized in multiple ways depending upon the user requirement and relevance.

Investigating Officer can visualize and analyze crime incidents and patterns on MAP. Animation of suspects movements and Geo fencing. Along with Call Records, it enables to store all information of a case and persons will give a greater insights of it to Investigating officer while investigating a case.

Can define customized queries with multiple parameters, Phonetic Search, Nested Search and Percentage match. Data with no limits for Big data analysis with state of art data security measures. Enterprise edition of the C5 CDR analyzer consist of a server license and a complimentary copy of the client License.

Call Data Analysis

Server License would be installed on the server thereafter client license would be installed on a computer connected to the server through LAN network. This implementation would enable C5 client to connect to the server and access the data on the basis of assigned privileges. Thus maintaining data security would be easy and data is located centrally.

Ultimate solution for Big data analysis with state of art data security measures. The C5 CDR Analyzer's Professional Edition is capable of working as a client to the server in local network as well as this edition also can be used as stand-alone; required data from the server can be transferred into this and can be carried anywhere needed for analysis.

IPDR Value Beyond Bandwidth Usage

The desktop application that is convenient and simple to use, helps you find crucial information expeditiously.To detect and counter a fraud, every trustworthy system has to be based on reliable data. Septier CDR includes every bit of information required to counter a potential fraud, using sophisticated algorithms to shorten fraud identification time and save data storage space.

Many times CDR fields can generate alerts for suspicious calls, such as frequent lengthy calls to previously uncalled number or calling a renowned fraud number. The offline analysis allows easy detection of duplicate SIMs and other cloning frauds via matching and cross-referencing various CDR fields. Septier CDR is fully customizable, making it possible for a customer to define specific fields that might be of interest and require special attention. Alerts and automatic bans are also customizable, providing the user with a complete control of the system and allowing efficient usage of data storage space.

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Priority and grouping of alerts can be configured as well. CDR and IPDR provides the necessary data for fraud detection and prevention, allowing quick and decisive action against the violating devices.

Customization Septier CDR is fully customizable, making it possible for a customer to define specific fields that might be of interest and require special attention. Contact Us. About Us Septier Communication Ltd. Successfully deployed in over ninety countries and hundreds of customers, Septier solutions are designed to provide its customers with excellence, flexibility and capability. Search Website.Not sure if your company is a member? Check here to find out.

IPDR is a two-way standardized interface that enables the collection and re-distribution of data found in the IP ecosystem. It runs anywhere and everywhere. It is simple to deploy and has proven scale as demonstrated by its industry adoption — specifically within the cable community which has a device footprint of more than 54 million users.

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Streaming Analytics for CDR Processing

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ipdr cdr analysis

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Ok Privacy policy.This software has a sophisticated user friendly Application Interface, easy to import any file format. Calls to other party, Max. Provision to access the centralized data by each Client system as per their authorized credentials E.

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Provision to work independently as Standalone edition using client software. IMEI with Nos. Date with Nos. CDR with Nos. Compare with Suspect Mobile Nos. Right Click Options. Accepts these formats. Saves in these formats. Compare with Suspect Group. Search Options. General Reports. Mapping Tower ID Addresses. Moments Tower ID Addresses. ISD Calls. Other State Calls. Single Call Days. Week Day Calls. Remove Unwanted Data. CDR Description.

SDR Link Option. Date Filter. CDR Summary. IMEI Summary.

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